Sliding Timber Doors and their Background

Timber Sliding Doors Brisbane Allkind JoinerySliding doors have been around for quite some time. They were first seen in archeological finds in ancient Roman houses, as early as the first century CE, with many houses in Pompeii hosting this architectural novelty. Later, Dee Horton and Lew Hewitt invented the automatic version of the sliding door around 1950. There are many uses now and have been throughout history, for this door.
Sliding doors have other commonly used names, such as pocket doors, Arcadian doors, and bypass doors. These types of doors vary in use, being utilized as screen doors, shower doors, and room dividers. These doors are commonly either hung or run along a concealed track that runs at the bottom of the door. Some doors, called cavity sliding doors, actually slide back into a wall so that they disappear completely. There is usually a stopper at either end of the cavity doors to prevent them from banging into the walls as they open to full capacity.

Sliding Doors of the Timber Variety

When Sliding Doors are exceptionally heavy such as in the case of some timber sliding doors, having been made of carved or large wood pieces, they cannot be hung from the ceiling, but must instead utilize a bottom rolling system to keep them opening and closing properly. Usually wheels are placed at the bottom of the doors to guide them in a cut channel on the floor, and this is how they stay ‘on track’ to open and close.
Due to the fact that Sliding Doors can be slid away completely out of view, and into a wall in the case of the cavity doors, they are ideal for utilizing space to its utmost. In rooms where an entire section of wall needs to be used as a closet, these doors are an effective way of cordoning off the area for storage, and when tastefully done Sliding Doors adorn a room, they can add to its beauty.
Timber Sliding Doors Brisbane Allkind JoineryInternal sliding doors can be used in many parts of the home, and with the myriad types of materials available for their construction, they blend into almost any décor with ease and style. These doors can be mirror covered, or decorated with mural-like paintings since they cover such a large expanse of wall in many cases. They can be made of highly polished wood, bronze or even steel, and are even used in commercial building and more modern interpretations of the home.
Just like the ancient homes of Pompeii in Rome, the ruins tell us that these doors could emit a regal simplicity or suffice as an efficient separation of the sleeping, eating and working areas of a home. These doors can be used to cordon off a home office or a grand ballroom just the same. Sliding Doors are an historical contribution to modern day architectural choices, and you can use them effectively in your home too.

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