More than Just Entry Doors

Entry Doors are the door to your inner sanctuary. In ancient times, the doors through which you walked were given just as much attention as the room in which you walked into. Though doors are used primarily to close off space, a door is both allegorically and metaphorically the opening to you and what you stand for. As we walk through the portal of a door, we are transported into a world of your creation, and your doors of entry (front doors) should certainly reflect what lies behind it.

Other Entry Doors

If you want to make a grand Entry, then you need a door that speaks to this mood. Even if you have a modest and more subtle interior, Entry Doors should mindfully prepare the guest, even if that is you, into the space forthcoming. The aesthetic you have created within is first instilled when you walk through the front door. Your doors can be made of steel, wood, glass, and a myriad other materials, but it should convey a sense of place. You can have doors Brisbane, timber, or French doors, intricately carved or utilitarian, as long as your Entry Doors coincide with your interior mood and style.

Entrance Doors of Timber

If you are thinking of installing timber doors, there are so many styles and finishes to choose from, and each type of wood has its own personality much like a fine glass of wine. You can choose a deep, dark finish like mahogany or cedar, stained with deep chocolaty colors or keep a light and bright feel with knotty pine or Beech wood stained to keep its natural look and grain apparent. Timber Entry Doors come in many possibilities, so it is really up to you to pick something that doesn’t compete with the interior design you have chosen.
Entry doors should also be made from more sturdy materials and with high-grade hardware so they can take the wear-and tear or Mother Nature herself. Keeping that in mind, the hardware, whether subtle brass fixtures like knobs and hinges or big bold iron hardware, fit for a cabin in the coldest mountains, the hardware of your access door should compliment the overall mood and style you are aiming for as well.

Entry Doors Conclusion

By choosing Entry Doors with a great entry in mind, you can be sure to create a space that is not only attractive, but structurally intriguing, and worthy of what you have going on inside the house. Don’t’ think of your door as just something to keep the outside away or to close off a space.  Choose a welcoming door that speaks to your soul before you enter. Let it guide you into a space that eases your mind from a weary day at work or guides you into you favorite chair before you’ve even gotten there. Let your Entry Doors be a foreshadowing of what lies within.

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